If you are selected for an interview you can expect a link to be emailed to you to sign up for a time slot. If the available times do not fit your needs please send an email with your availability and we will work out the best time. Most interviews are conducted over the phone, though you are more than welcome to come by for an in-person interview if you are in the area!

If you would like to get a head start on the process you can send the reference link (see button below) to at least 3 people to fill out on your behalf (1 of the 3 may be a personal reference). We will also accept letters of reference sent via email.

Please do not hesitate to send any questions to amy@outdoorschool.com during any point in the hiring process!


The Outdoor School is a place where kids can see, hear, touch, smell, even taste nature. A place where they can learn about themselves, their natural environment and their peers while participating in fun and educational outdoor activities. There’s something for every age that will help your students grow by facing challenges, overcoming their fears and spark new ways to see the world around us.


The Outdoor School offers the unique experience of building and participating in a community that consists of amazing and diverse people. Team members live on property and enjoy the experience of spending three months working and playing in the outdoors.

Instructors also get the opportunity to work with students and guests from all different backgrounds. Students come from public, charter, and private schools allowing instructors to work with students coming from a wide range of cultural, philosophical, and socio-economic backgrounds. This job is extremely rewarding when you help a student learn to kayak, catch a bug in a jar, or see what the night sky looks like outside of downtown Houston for the very first time!


The most important qualification any instructor can have is a desire to work with kids outside!  A great instructor will possess the following characteristics: 

  • Enjoys working with kids (especially 5th and 6th graders!)
  • Willing to CHALLENGE yourself
  • Adventurous!
  • Sense-of-humor when with the kids and teammates
  • Great WORK ETHIC


The Outdoor School at Camp Champions provides on-site housing for the duration of the season. All team-members should expect to have at least one roommate. Each housing unit has a kitchen and living area available inside or near the unit, as well as a bed, dresser and night stand. If the housing unit is walking distance from a kitchen (rather than having a kitchen inside) that unit will also come with a mini fridge and microwave. There is also a staff lounge with satellite TV, DVD player, board games, and a backyard perfect for grilling!

The dining hall team will provide meals to everyone so long as there are guests on property, typically Monday lunch through Sunday breakfast. There is a vegetarian option with each meal, however, those with any specific dietary needs may need to supplement the meals provided depending on their needs.


We love our team and want to show it! Our team members receive special discounts and professional deals from various outfitters. We always encourage our team members to take full advantage of this!

The joy of working at a summer camp facility is that we have lots of cool toys to play with, such as: climbing wall, ropes courses, kayaks, pool, archery, trails, sports equipment, and Lake LBJ. While our work is all about the kids, that doesn’t mean instructors can’t have fun too!

Instructors also receive a stipend of up to $310 per week, 3 weeks of paid training, free Red Cross CPR/First Aid and Lifeguard training, and the opportunity to make friendships that will last a lifetime!


It is possible to work at The Outdoor School without a vehicle handy. We will pick new team members up at the airport upon their arrival. More often than not there will always be people on the team going “here and there” who are more than willing to offer rides. If you do have a vehicle feel free to bring it along!


There is so much you can do while working at The Outdoor School. First off, we encourage our team-members to enjoy the spoils that the property itself provides!

Just over an hour away is  Austin, Texas. Austin is an extremely outdoorsy city with a lot of hiking trails, rock climbing, caving, swimming holes, cycling and so much more!

Austin is also known for its great food and live music. It is the LIVE MUSIC CAPITOL!!! South by Southwest is the music festival that takes place during the spring season and Austin City Limits (ACL) is the music festival that takes place in the fall. Either way, anytime you go to Austin we can guarantee you there will be live music going on!

About 6 hours west of camp is Big Bend National Park. We have had many groups of instructors use long weekends to explore this spectacular National Park in Texas!


Here are some quotes taken from former and current instructors about their time at The Outdoor School:

I had so many new experiences here that really made an impression on me. My first time kayaking, holding a bearded dragon, catching a fish. Also, the staff held some super awesome events including dancing, movie nights, an art show and an open mic night.

“You get to work with so many different kids and personalities. Definitely prepares you to work with anyone in the future”

Friends, wild flowers, astronomy classes, reading kid surveys, playing outside all day for pay!!!”

The best thing about the outdoor school is definitely the variety of students that come to the school. The variety of classes also helped keep things interesting. Weekly check-ins and reviews were helpful as well.

“I love how helpful the staff is, and this experience is special to so many people.”