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  Welcome to the first edition of the Weekend Update for our fantastic Spring 2020 TOS Community.  These things will come out every weekend – mind you the weekend includes Saturdays when Stein doesn’t have time/forgets to make time – and will include three sections.  The first section will be INFORMATION! which will include anything you may need to know.  The second will be EVENTS which will include things to do I see in the local paper, or things that are suggested to me by members inside and outside of the community.  The third, and final section will be STEIN RAMBLES – feel free to ignore this part if you wish.  This is the part where I don’t try to change anyone’s mind about anything, but rather ease my own mind about everything.  It’s usually about music.  I stole that line from Todd Snider.  Rock and roll.


  • Black Diamond pro-deal should be good to go, let me know if it doesn’t work.
  • As of Monday the 2nd, Dominoes in Marble Falls will deliver to the office circle here at Camp Champions – you must order a minimum of 3 pizzas.  Prices are: LG 1 topping  -6.99, LG 3 topping – 7.99.  You must say it is for Camp Champions, ask for Rudy or Veronica if there are any problems.  What a smart manager!
  • Don’t forget – If you are working the evening, after dinner you MUST attend the meeting on the front porch of the Fillin’ Station. So much important information is given and received here!


  • It’s a ways away, but the Bluebonnet Festival is always a great time down in Burnett.  It will be April 10-12, check this out for more info –  37th Bluebonnet Festival
  • Do you love the Beatles?  A cover band plays tomorrow in Marble Falls!  Click HERE for more info.
  • Have you heard of Luckenbach?  Not only is it where Willie, Waylon and the boys hung out back in the day, but it is the very town that was owned by one of the founders of this here Camp Champions – Hondo Crouch.  More on Hondo in a bit.  Anytime is a good time to go to Luckenbach, they have a dance hall, a post office, a parking meter – and thats it!  Tomorrow Texas legends Asleep at the Wheel will play (they have opened every ACL Fest since the dawn of time) but if you don’t make it down for the big show you can always check it out on Sunday where folks are pickin’ and and havin’ a good time.  Everybody is somebody in Luckenbach.
  • TOMORROW in your banked-track roller derby world  – Holy Rollers vs Cherry Bombs.  I used to be a ref, and let me tell you – its way better to be in the crowd.  If you want to see strong women competing for all the glory, check out:  TXRD.


Speaking of Domino’s Pizza, did you know that I used to run a pizza place?  It was (and still is) called Austin’s Pizza – you can get it frozen at HEB.  Its not the same though, and it is way over-priced for frozen pizza.

When I was the GM, I spent my day off outside of Mr. Gatti’s Pizza across the street, starting around about 11AM.  I’d wait until I saw a driver leave with 10 or more pizzas, and follow them to the business complex that ordered said pizza.  Later that afternoon I’d go hand out some catering menus at that business complex.  Sneaky, right?  It’s nice to be in an industry where I’m not rewarded for being sneaky.  I didn’t feel too bad though – Austin’s Pizza is WAY better than Gatti’s.

That being said, if you want good pizza in Austin Texas, I recommend you change your mind and order breakfast tacos.  Or the Black Bean Entre at Magnolia Cafe (vegan!) – have them put jalapeños in your corn cake.  It’s only $6.99 and is the 2nd best bean dish I’ve ever had.  I like beans.

Now for some music.  I have learned how to create playlists on Spotify, and even though I’m an Apple person (The University of Texas made me) I will post this playlist and update it each week based on what I feel like rambling about. This week on the play list:

Todd Snider.  Todd has a great story about being a young songwriter in San Marcos, TX. He had just realized he wanted to be a folk singer and sent in a tape (of the cassette variety) to Luckenbach to see if he could play there.  Jerry Jeff Walker played there all the time, and he was Todd’s hero.  After a few months he got a call from “Large Marge” down in Luckenbach, who said someone had canceled and they had an opening that night.  This was his big break, he was gonna play on the same stage as Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, in the town that (Jerry Jeff Walker’s Hero) Hondo Crouch built.

Unfortunately they were living in the 80’s, and there was no GPS system to get them there, so he ended up lost at a tavern called “The Devil’s Backbone Tavern” which is conveniently located on the “Devil’s Backbone Highway” just about 45 minutes south of here.  With it being too late to get to Luckenbach, he decided to play the tavern, sitting at a table with his guitar playing songs for whoever would listen. He did so for the rest of the summer – he made some lemonade out of those lemons.

Last weekend I was able to see Todd Snider at The Devil’s Backbone Tavern – it was the first time he played there in 30 years.  It was very great.  There were people there from all over, but the very, very best part was nobody talked over his set.  I can’t stand it when people pay good money to listen to a folk show, and spend the whole night talking about whatever they found behind the fridge last night.

That is my wisdom for you all – listen to the music, have your conversations outside of the dance hall, and enjoy the place you are at, no matter where you’re going.

Rock and roll.

Spotify Playlist (may include one or two bad words)                
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