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Our Philosophies

Students will learn Universal Respect and Challenge by Choice, two philosophies we abide by at The Outdoor School.

Universal Respect is universal around The Outdoor School. It is a part of everything we do. It means everything should be treated with respect. To respect others, students are taught to treat others as they would like to be treated, using encouragement and positive words and actions. Students will also be expected to show respect for themselves by never underestimating their own potential or worth. Universal Respect also means to respect other students’ belongings, the camp, and the natural environment.

Challenge by Choice involves students setting personal goals and reaching them using physical, mental and social challenges along the way. Goals can always be reset higher or lower, however students are encouraged to meet and exceed their goals by taking reasonable risks. We want every student to meet and exceed at least one goal while they are at The Outdoor School.

Our Philosophies

Universal Respect

Challenge by Choice