The Outdoor School



Trip Preparation

All of the information and forms that you need to begin planning are in the Lead Teacher’s Packet. We realize that you lead very busy lives as teachers and have therefore tried to make it as easy as possible to prepare for your trip. Please read through all the information before sending us your forms. We also ask that you send us all the forms by the required dates so we can plan your trip as efficiently as possible.

Please make sure your students, their parents, and chaperones are well informed about the trip. Each student should take home a copy of the Student Packet to their parents and return the Medical Release Form and Visitor Agreement to their teacher. Each chaperone (parent and teacher) should read the Chaperone Packet and fill out the Medical Release Form and Visitor Agreement. We will have printed copies of the Chaperone Packet for all adults when you arrive.



The Student Packet is designed to answer virtually every question parents and students might have before attending The Outdoor School.

Please read the packet thoroughly as it contains packing information and important forms that are required in order for your child to attend The Outdoor School. This is the packet of information that your child’s school should provide you.

Parent Chaperones

As a parent chaperone, we want to make sure you have clear expectations of what you are getting into and what your role on the trip is. Please read carefully through the following packet so that there are no surprises. Your child’s school may have other specific expectations for you that are not listed here. Please check with the administrators to see if this is the case.

If you have any questions, please contact Deborah Guinn at We will be happy to work with you in any way we can to create the perfect program for you and your students.