Weekend Update March 13th (ish), 2020

Weekend Update March 13th (ish), 2020

  Howdy Champions (with Champion Hearts),

What a week. Ups, downs, ups again… so many stories to tell in such a short amount of time! More stories to make yet. Let’s get you updated:

  • Make sure to practice the “SAFEST” in the “SAFE, SAFER, SAFEST” methodology this weekend.  Remember that you have a whole group of people who care about you and your well-being.
  • Use han-a-tizer.  That’s a Deb word, so you know it is important.  TIZE YOURSELF.
  • Make sure the front of (and inside of) your housing is CLEAN!  Not only will this help your health, state of mind, and ability to win arguments…. but it will also make Stein smile.


  • Enjoy your time with one another.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS.  It is an event every time you do.  Sing a song or two, your choice of song!  Sing what you feel.
  • Back in the day one of our alumni (Miss Laura) started a Book Club on Sunday evenings at the gazebo(s)/girl’s side water quality bench/wherever was nicest on that day.  We did not all read the same book.  SOME OF US (me, Stein) may have not read a book at all that week.  But we did gather, talk about life and whatnot, enjoy the sun hitting the horizon, as well as each other’s  take on any subject that came up.  Call it what you want – it’s a good idea.  Call it a Book Club if it helps your cause.

Stein Rambles:

Though there was some chaos in the world of central Texas this week, the Austin Music Awards carried on.  The winner of the “Best New Artist” was none other than Sir Woman – a new band that shares  the lead singer with the band Wild Child.  There are three singles out for Sir Woman – I have added all three to the TOS playlist, along with some of my favorite Wild Child songs.  This is one of Amy Koch’s favorite band(s), and with good reason – Kelsey Wilson rocks.  I saw Wild Child a few times in the early 2010’s, and again last year at the Old Settler’s Music Festival – they put on a show that you should not miss.  April 25 Sir Woman plays Mohawks – I got at least 3 stories about that place… great place to hear music.  Also, May 8th Sir Woman will play at Stubbs BBQ – Speaking of …

In the year 2007 the radio station KUT 90.5 was playing Regina Spektor every day, all day, and I loved it.  I decided to see her at Stubb’s BBQ with a couple friends.

If you have never been to this venue, you must know – it is one of the best venues to see live music in all of Texas.  One time my sister and I were walking down Red River without a purpose, and we saw a couple folks throw their wrist bands on  the ground.  Then we heard NORAH JONES singing, so we picked the bands up and enjoyed another 45 minutes of Norah jamming out for her encore. It was like spotting a $1000 bill, but better.

Stubb’s doesn’t hold a lot of people, but they pack it in, the sound is great and the venue slopes up towards the back so there is NO bad place to stand.  For Regina I chose to stand about 30 ft from the stage, in the middle of everything – because – REGINA SPEKTOR.

The opener was a solo act who called himself “Only Son.”  He did this thing, which in 2007, was totally new and exciting.  He hooked his acoustic guitar to the amp, and then his iPod, which sat on a stool beside him.  He performed a show with the beats provided by the iPod, occasionally arguing with himself (his own voice recordings on his iPod) for comedic effect.  It kept our attention – we had not seen this mix of technology and live entertainment yet.

This went on for over an hour, which is a lot for an opener, then he left the stage with his iPod.  We stood for a very short set-break, maybe 15 minutes.  Then Regina walked onto the stage.  Let me explain this experience from my perspective in bullet points:

  • Regina Spektor walks on stage
  • I blink
  • I fall AT LEAST 1000 feet (in my mind)
  • I’m now looking up at my friends (as well as concerned folks standing around me)
  • My friend says “Are you okay?”
  • I say “I feel great”
  • I jump up and enjoy the rest of the show

Friends and neighbors – let me be clear – this experience had no other variables.  In the moment I assigned the cause of my passing out to the excitement of seeing one of my favorite artists. In reality I was perplexed, and scared for my own health – that is until I saw an actual doctor who asked “were your knees locked out for the opening act?”  Yes, yes they were.  I was trying very hard to respect everyone’s space, which is hard to do at a sold-out show at Stubbs BBQ.  I made the same mistake when I saw Jenny Lewis a few months later.

Regina did rock the next 2 hours, and I enjoyed every second of it.

The rest of the songs I added to the playlist belong to Regina Spektor.  Last season someone asked me to define the concept of “play” – which is a fair question.  I went to grad school, and taught undergrads the importance of this concept when it comes to running a program in the great outdoors.  If I had to define this musically, I would tell you to listen to Regina Spektor’s music.

  Make sure to rock and roll this weekend – and more importantly be SAFE! SAFER! SAFEST!

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