Rock and roll EVERYONE!

I can’t put to words how impressed I have been by ya’ll.  I really appreciate Steve and Susie for allowing us to continue on, and the other side of that is how we cary on… and ya’ll are making it happen.  You’ve been making lemonade all week, and there are more opportunities for this!  When folks around the industry ask me how we’re doing I feel a little nervous about my honest response, because I know there are a lot of challenges other folks are currently facing. Keep up the good things.


  • That Program Coordinator Application is online – head to the Instructor Corner and click on the link.  The application is due by March 31st – interview times will be communicated Friday, April 3rd.  If you are offered an interview and are not on-site, do not worry, we can conduct them over the phone.  EVERYONE who wants to should apply.  At the very least the application is an opportunity to think and carry out your responses to some good questions.
  • Don’t leave camp (and then come back before we ask you to) for non-essential things!  Food is essential.  If you have any questions and/or needs, please let me know!
  • Unfortunately we cannot have visitors on camp going forward.  If you’re being picked up by someone to leave camp that is fine – make sure they take the situations seriously  – wash hands, use hand sanitizer, stay 6 ft away from everyone, ect.  Otherwise your friends are here at Camp Champions!


  • Nope.  Sorry.


  The music I added this week includes A LOT of songs by a duo that can be depressing and uplifting at the same time: Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings.  For a while at first (late 90’s to 2009) Gillian Welch was the name of the band.  She brings an element of brilliance and wisdom that many folk/americana artists strive for.  The lyrics are always designed, as I imagine, they design the wing of a an airplane – with a great amount of thought and certainty.  There is an intent, a method, and an amazing level of love that comes with each song.

  That movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou” had a soundtrack written by them and some friends in East Nashville and beyond.  Dave Rawlings has produced some great albums over the last 2 decades, including albums by Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, and Old Crow Medicine Show.  If that last one sounds familiar – they recorded “Wagon Wheel” which was a song written by Bob Dylan, who gave it to them. Nice song – though it has taken on many different meanings along the way.  Let me say it is a great song in the right context.

  After a while Dave Rawlings decided to put his name in the mix – The Dave Rawlings Machine.  Gillian is apart of the writing and performing  – I don’t think either of them would ever go solo – but I imagine there was some sort of contract dispute that made them come up with a different name.  That’s why Prince changed his name to a symbol, the Beatles broke up, and also why Michael Jordan played baseball.  Silly money getting in the way.  Of those examples, the Machine is probably the best outcome.  Yea, better than Prince.  I don’t say that without some thought behind it.

  At any rate, I’ve seen them a few times in concert – it is a religious experience for me.   Dave always looks like he is possessed by the patron saint of guitars (he plays a 1935 Epiphone Olympic – look it up if you love rare instruments), and Gillian is an amazing goddess of sound.  Are they together?  I don’t know, and I really don’t care.  They are together in the realm of music in the most amazing way, and if you listen to and watch them perform, you will understand AND appreciate their realm of music.

  Make sure to rock and roll friends!

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