Weekend Update March 6th, 2020

Weekend Update March 6th, 2020

Howdy Friends and Neighbors!

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Spring 2020 Weekend Update!  Happy Friday everyone.  Make sure to rock and roll – within your growth zone.
    • Please use the ladders when setting up the Pirate Ship and Climbing Wall holds.  Please, and thank you.
    • SXSW got shut down because of the virus thing – lame.  To prevent more lame things don’t forget to teach your kids how to sneeze/cough, and use sanitizer all the time.  Be safe in your weekend adventures as well.
    • You should not cut in line for food, UNLESS you are a team leader and need to get your food so you can be with your group.  Be polite and friendly.
    • If you are working in the evening you should sit with the school you are working with to help run their dinner!  If you are the school lead, and will not be at dinner because you are off – make sure to ask someone who will be with your school to run least waste and give dinner and evening announcements.  We help each other out here at The Outdoor School, that’s how we (rock and) roll.

    • SPRING BREAKDOWN in Highland Lakes seems cool!  Hiking, disc golf, EAGLES (the birds, not the band, thank goodness), and history.  Check it out HERE
    • SXSW may be off, but Granite Fest is still on!  Granite Fest happens LITERALLY next door, in Granite Shoals – that town with Bucks and a few other gas stations in it you drive through just before you get back to good ole Camp Champs.  They don’t have anything on the WEBSITE yet, but it is scheduled for March 28th.
    • Do you like fiddles?  Llano Fiddle Fest is happening April 3-5.  That reminds me – whats the difference between a fiddle and violin?  Find out in STEIN RAMBLES.
    • How about art, music, food, crafts and lots of rocks?  The Llano Earth Art Fest is happening next weekend – March 13-16.  It looks like a larger gathering of Art in Nature participants.
    • Two things:  you may notice my suggestions are local, cause there is no virus here.  ALSO, if you pronounce Llano with an ‘Ya’ sound people will look at you funny.  We don’t pronounce things properly in Texas, that’s how you know you’re here.


Answer:  A violin has strings, and a fiddle has straaaangs.  That’s my attempt at typing an accent.  Apologies if the punchline didn’t land, and more-so if it did and was disappointing.  Texas!

The first artist I’d like to add to the playlist is Tori Amos.  When she was 2 years old she could play songs on the piano by ear.  That is not a typo.  When she was 3 she was WRITING songs.  When she was 5 she was (obviously the youngest ever) admitted to the Peabody Conservatory of Music.  She was asked to leave when she was 11 because she loved rock and roll too much.  So it goes.

After that she has released so much music that I can’t even begin to talk about it, so I added some songs to the playlist from American Doll Posse – because that is my favorite Tori Amos album.  It came out around the time I started working at Bear Creek, and was introduced to me by a hero of mine – Mr. Birmingham.  I could be heard jamming to it up and down the hills, with my CDR copy (that’s how we borrowed music back then).

If you’re into strange things, she also has an album called “Strange Little Girls” where she took songs written by men, and gave them her own spin.  On this album you can hear her cover Depeche Mode, Eminem, The Velvet Underground, The Beatles, and even Slayer.  It’s a cool album if you can deal with hearing songs you know from a different perspective.  If you can’t deal with that, its a good exercise in learning.

Next on the playlist I have Caroline Rose.  She is a relatively new artist I found out about by accident on a record club group I’m apart of.  She started of as a country artist, and then decided that was too restrictive (because yes it is), so she went on to make a couple pop albums – the most recent came out TODAY!  I haven’t listened to it all yet, but the couple songs I heard didn’t even sound like her.  It’s crazy how people change!

The songs I added were from her first “pop” album, which I listened to on loop for a while last year.  It is sarcastic, put together well, and entertaining – whether you want to jam out or listen to (and think about) the lyrics.  Last year at Bonnaroo she performed Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Close My Eyes” entirely on the Kazoo.  How do you NOT respect that?

That reminds me of this time, way back in 2005, when I worked at Rockin’ Tomato Pizza (Far West).  There were 3 such stores, each owned by a different person who split from Double Dave’s Pizza to do their own thing.  I could go on and on about pizza politics, but to save you that trouble let me say that we had a friendly rival with the South Lamar location.  They had a bigger, nicer store with a stage, so they’d hold a singer/songwriter open mic every Thursday.  That’s a thing in Austin.

When you think of singer/songwriter open mics you may think of folks with acoustic guitars, singing about the birds and trees and wolves and whatnot.  In the case of Rockin’ Tomato South Lamar, you would be right. It just so happens that our store (Rockin’ Tomato Far West) had an employee who was also the lead singer in a Screamo band.  Screamo is a contraction between the words “Scream” and “Emo” – consult wikipedia for more info.

At any rate, he decided his band was going to play the singer/songwriter open mic night at South Lamar one Thursday.  We all supported this idea, and attended the evening. It was a packed house, they were doing good business.  After an hour or so of original, heartfelt songs from hippies about trees and wolves – armed only with their kind voice and an acoustic guitar – they called up his band.

They spent 20 minutes setting up their amp stacks, drum kit, and his mic.  They were dressed all in black.  And after their 8 minute set of screaming, jumping off amps, and throwing the mic on the ground and himself – the only people left in the restaurant were the folks from Rockin’ Tomato Far West.

I thought it was hilarious.  I also didn’t own, much less have any stake in Rockin’ Tomato South Lamar.  Perspective is everything!

My perspective, now days, always follows rock and roll – so long as it is in the best interest everyone involved.

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