Fundraising Resources

We realize that funding can often be an obstacle, and schools go about raising money in different ways.

A good first approach schools use is to see the amount parents can contribute towards the trip. Typically, parents can make small monthly contributions toward the trip.

Regardless of the type of fundraiser you go with, we have found that the ones that succeed are those where the teachers administering them remain diligent and focused. In our experience, when schools focus in on raising funds, they can cover the cost of a trip in a short period of time. The earlier you begin with funding discussions and fundraising the more likely you will be to make your goal.

Some schools organize their own fundraisers such as selling water outside of high school football stadiums. Others will go through traditional fundraising companies like World’s Finest Chocolate or My School Auctions. There are dozens of fundraising companies online. Feel free to get creative and see what is effective in your community.

Grants are another way schools can come up with funding for field trips. Here is a list of various websites that provide grants that would support an Outdoor School trip.

Austin Community Foundation
Braitmayer Foundation
Sooch Foundation
The School Funding Center
Toyota TAPESTRY Grant
Webber Foundation

If you have questions or know of other fundraising means that have been effective for you, please let us know.